100% of MDView Patients Say Their MDView Radiology Second Opinion Report Contains New Or Different Information

The MDView platform allows patients who are seeking a second opinion on their medical imaging exam to connect with radiology experts who specialize in the patient's exact exam. Many users of the MDView platform are trying to verify their diagnosis, determine if surgery is necessary for their condition, or get a cohesive understanding on the progression of their disease from an expert in their specific case. The majority of patients simply want a clear and comprehensive second opinion report on what is seen in their diagnostic imaging, due to uncertainties in their original imaging report. Mostly, patients want to be sure their imaging exam is being reviewed by a top expert in their specific study. 

Often, a radiology report is written by a radiologist who reads a wide variety of cases and exams throughout their day. While most radiologists will identify certain abnormalities, these findings can sometimes be open to interpretation. Subspecialty radiologists or radiologists who spend a majority of their practice focusing on specific types of studies, have a heightened ability to identify even the most subtle anomalies, due to their extensive training and experience in their chosen area. This precision can lead to more accurate diagnoses and better treatment decisions. 
The goal of the MDView platform is to give radiologists control over what types of exams they want to read based on their specific areas of specialty. Based on thousands of options and preferences, the radiologists matched to a patient's uploaded imaging exam have specifically chosen to be available for that study. Additionally, these radiologists understand the report they are delivering is going directly to the patient, so they provide more contextual information that helps the patient understand the findings. Also, the patient's have an opportunity during the MDView study creation workflow to provide the radiologists with information far more detailed about their condition and symptoms than traditionally available to the radiologists in their daily practice, which allows the radiologist to provide a more detailed and customized report.

MDView sends surveys to all users who submit a report to learn more about their experience using the platform and their satisfaction with the quality of their second opinion report. To date, 100% of the patients have reported that their MDView Second Opinion Report contains new or additional information that was not provided in their original radiology report. Many patients have received different or new diagnoses, resulting in a new treatment plan based on the findings in their second opinion report. 

It's important to verify the accuracy and completeness of your radiology report. Doctors use the radiologist's report to determine the best treatment plan and make decisions on how to best treat each patient's condition. Delayed diagnosis is a common cause of harmful patient outcomes and contributes to about 10% of patient deaths and medical errors result in costs reaching approximately $40 billion per year in the United States. 

Connect with an expert radiologist today via MDView, and get answers to your questions. Fast, affordable, and from the comfort of home. 

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