MDView Partners with Apollo Enterprise Imaging to Streamline Access to Second Opinion Services Across Healthcare Organizations

MDView partners with Apollo Enterprise Imaging Corp to enhance medical imaging and second opinion services with Apollo's arcc® Integration. This collaboration aims to leverage Apollo's flagship multi-disciplinary medical imaging platform, arcc®, to streamline access to complete patient records and enhance second opinion services for healthcare providers and patients. arcc® serves as a cornerstone for health systems, managing clinical workflows that can't be handled by a viewer alone and facilitating the accessibility of medical imaging data and digital asset management across departments. By integrating arcc with MDView's robust second opinion platform, healthcare providers will gain enhanced capabilities to deliver accurate second opinions and treatment plans efficiently. This convenience accelerates decision-making processes and ensures timely treatment planning. The combined offering enables seamless integration with existing systems, optimizing efficiency and minimizing administrative burdens for healthcare professionals.

"We are excited to partner with Apollo to enhance our second opinion services," said Tracy Amato, CEO of MDView. "Apollo's arcc platform complements our commitment to delivering high-quality, timely second opinions, empowering patients and healthcare providers with advanced care collaboration and ensures improved patient outcomes."

Mark Newburger, Apollo CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership stating, "This partnership underscores Apollo and MDView's shared commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation and collaboration. By combining our expertise, both organizations aim to set new standards in medical imaging solutions, ensuring improved patient care and clinical decision-making."

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100% of MDView Patients Say Their MDView Radiology Second Opinion Report Contains New Or Different Information