US radiology group pays $3.1M after allegations contractors in India were completing the reports

A radiology group in Atlanta that services hospitals and imaging centers across the country settled a federal civil lawsuit case which described allegations that the group had contractor radiologists in India performing reads on behalf of the radiologists in the group. It's common practice for many radiology groups to outsource radiology reads overseas for inexpensive contractors to perform draft interpretations/reports of scans. However, it's required that a US based radiologist must perform adequate reviews of the drafts before signing off on the report. In the case of The Radiology Group, an Atlanta based teleradiology company, the radiologists in the group were completing the reviews for only 30 seconds per exam of the reads performed by non US radiologists who are not licensed to practice medicine on US patients.

Additionally, The Radiology Group admitted to having radiologists signing reports for US patients when these US radiologists never reviewed the imaging or the reports written by unqualified radiologists, and then submitted the claims for reimbursement to federal healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which is against the False Claims act. 

Close to $2.7M was paid to the federal government and the remainder of the $3.1 million was distributed to various states where The Radiology Group was providing services. 

The US is suffering from a shortage of radiologists forcing radiology groups to outsource a bulk of their work, increasing the hours that radiologists are working, and being required to read exams the radiologists are not confident in reading. To ensure medical imaging exam results are accurate and thorough, patients should consider getting a second opinion report from a US radiology specialist.

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